JJR Global 2020 Events Calendar

JJR Global Events Calendar
with 14 Scheduled Workshops, Retreats, Networking Events & More!

Ebook Calendar includes:
- date, time and location of each event

- full details of what each workshop will cover
- link to the sign-up form

We would like to invite you to explore these events and look forward to seeing you!

"John Ruman is an outstanding coach. I love his energy and how comfortable he makes you feel. The course not only outlined ways to become a better public speakers but it also guided us to improve ourselves as holistically. I am definitely looking forward to attending more courses."

- Reesha Seeram, 2019 Public speaking course.

"...I will encourage anyone who wants to really try and turn around their life and try something different, and hang out with positive and cool people to give it a try cause it's given me some new energy and I'm hoping it can do the same for others."

- Keron, 2019 Find Your Breakthrough Retreat